‘This is insane’- $155 Sydney buffet goes viral

Epicurean at Crown Sydney in Barangaroo has won guests over for its “epic” and “unreal” food spread with TikTok users labelling it as one of the best buffets in the city, if not Australia.

If you’ve not been to or heard of the dinner buffet, one quick scroll under the hashtag ‘epicuriansydney’ will reveal what’s got locals and tourists alike so hooked – and defending its hefty price tag.

Aussies and tourists alike are losing it over Crown Sydney’s seafood buffet, bombarding TikTok with clips of their experience. Picture: TikTok/luisawilh

It has an array of global cuisines including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian and of course seafood, which is the main reason guests are losing their minds.

Various TikToks show the huge seafood selection including Queensland tiger prawns, cured mackerels, mussels, clams, spanner crabs and of course the giant oyster mountain.

“Seriously best buffet I’ve ever been to, rolled out of there,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I’ve never wanted to go somewhere so badly,” said another.

In a viral TikTok that’s amassed 1.3 million views, Aussie food and travel blogger Adrian Widjy described it as having the best variety for a buffet in Australia.

“So many food of all kinds here too,” he said.

Aussie food and travel blogger Adrian Widjy described it as having the best variety for a buffet in Australia.

In his clip, the Sydney-based foodie revealed what it’s like to eat at the $155 buffet, showcasing the vast food offerings including a “mouth-watering chocolate fountain”.

“There are so many sections that I could not include them all here. They even have a chocolate fountain and tap,” he said.

A glimpse of the seafood section. Picture: TikTok/luisawilh
But there’s also Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Italian cuisines. Picture: TikTok/Adrianwidjy

He advised the best time to go is on the weekend as the “seafood section certainly is glorious”.

“The seafood areas do get congested at times but don’t worry they replenish them super frequently.”

On Monday to Thursdays it’s $130, on Friday and Saturdays nights it’s $155 per person and on Sundays it’s $135. Picture: TikTok/Adrianwidjy

One TikTok user revealed her dad wasn’t interested in any other food other than the seafood, consuming a whopping 66 oysters.

“Watch my dad eat 66 oysters,” she said in a clip that’s amassed 4.8 million views.

She then showed a pile of oyster shells on a plate.

Mark Holmes, executive general manager of hospitality at Crown Sydney, said in August 2023 alone, 139,200 oysters were consumed at Epicurean and each month 100kg of chocolate is consumed through its chocolate fountain.

@xixiplease You think he ate $150 worth of oysters? 💀 #buffet #seafoodbuffet #epicureansydney #mukbang #asianparents #oysters #oysterchallenge ♬ mario sound – mandycap

He said while the buffet has a variety of food offerings including sizzling wok-fried noodles, duck pancakes, Cantonese BBQ, a guest favourite is the eggplant schnitzel and chocolate fountain.

“But of course the most popular are the oysters, prawns, sashimi and crab, probably because of the luxury connotations of seafood and the fact that it is unlimited,” he told news.com.au.

It is, however, worth noting prices vary depending on the days you go, and as some guests also pointed out, the food offerings can also vary.

A TikTok user revealed her dad ate a whopping 66 oysters at the buffet. Picture: TikTok/xixiplease
In August 2023 alone, 139,200 oysters were consumed at Epicurean – that’s a lot of oysters. Picture: TikTok/xixiplease

On Monday to Thursdays it’s $130, on Friday and Saturdays nights it’s $155 per person and on Sundays it’s $135.

‘This is insane’- $155 Sydney buffet goes viral

“No lobster when I went twice lol,” one disappointed woman wrote, while another joked for that for the price she would “hope to be fed personally”.

Others pointed out that if you don’t eat a lot, it’s not worth going.

@lobadakuma Best all you can eat 🍽️ #crownsydney #epicurean #buffet ♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar
@itsjanicefung Continuing on my mission to try out all buffets in Sydney #seafoodbuffet #crownsydney #epicureansydney #sydneybuffet #dinnerbuffet ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

“I’ve been here twice and it’s absolutely amazing best buffet ever,” one person declared, while another who hadn’t been was eager to visit Sydney just to experience it.


Mr Holmes said he’s not surprised it’s making the rounds on TikTok.

“We’re really proud of what we’ve built here at Epicurean and that it looks so great on social media,” he said.

“There is nothing like it in Australia and we love that our guests’ choose to film and show their audiences the unique experience.”

However, it’s not the only buffet in Sydney that’s got people flustered with some claiming The Langham and The Star buffets are just as good.

@2hungryguys A MUST VISIT SYDNEY BUFFET with unlimited seafood and unlimited Chatime Bubble Ice Tea! For $88 – $138pp, enjoy everything from lobster on Thursday, chili crab on Fridays, sushi and sashmi, a live wok station, robata grill and chocolate fountains. This is Kitchens on Kent at the Langham Sydney. #sydneybuffet #bestsydneybuffet #buffet #kitchensonkent #langhamsydney #chatime #CapCut ♬ more than you know x many – guymusic

Aussie foodies Luke and Joe who go by the TikTok handle ‘2hungryguys’ described Kitchens on Kent at the Langham as a “must-visit” buffet, boasting about its selection of foods.

“For $138 per person you get unlimited seafood including lobster on Thursdays or chilli crab on Fridays,” they said in a clip.

“There’s even a carvery section, live wok station, meats cooked over a robata grill, a dessert station complete with a chocolate fountain – plus unlimited self serve chattime bubble iced tea.”

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On Wednesdays and Thursdays it’s $98 and Friday to Sunday is $138 (for dinner).

While it is predominantly seafood, other cuisines include Asian and Middle Eastern.

Meanwhile, Harvest Buffet’s premium seafood dinner at The Star costs $94.90 Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday it’s $109.90 for its premium seafood dinner.

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