Hailey Bieber Goes Makeup-Free to Discuss Her Perioral Dermatitis Skin Condition

Hailey Bieber Bares It All in Tropical Vacation Pics

Hailey Bieber isn't merely scratching the surface with her beauty struggles.

The Rhode founder recently shared a makeup-free video to showcase the pimple-like breakouts she's had for almost a decade.

"Perioral dermatitis is a skin disorder resembling acne or rosacea," she explained in the text of her March 27 TikTok. "In most cases, it involves tiny red bumps that form on the lower half of the face, in the folds of the nose and around the mouth."คำพูดจาก Web Game Casino

Hailey Bieber Goes Makeup-Free to Discuss Her Perioral Dermatitis Skin Condition

Hailey then revealed how she treats her skin condition, which is considered a red rash that can cause a burning sensation, per The American Academy of Dermatology Association.

"I'm having a pretty bad flare up right now, so I wanted to share what I use," she explained, alongside close-up shots of her face. "At night, I use a prescription azelaic acid cream, which really helps with the inflammation. In the daytime, I use Clindamycin, which is also a prescription that you can get from the dermatologist."

Of course, the 27-year-old also turns to her brand's Glazing Milk because she said it's "gentle and helps calm the skin."

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Hailey's less is more approach to beauty has certainly paid off. After all, there's a reason her signature dewy makeup has been compared to a glazed donut and has gone viral many times over the years.

"I've found more of a balance in how I treat my skin for the various phases and stages it's going through," she said on Dear Media's Breaking Beauty podcast last April about curating her skincare routine. "It doesn't take a lot to have a great outfit, and it doesn't take a lot to have great skincare."

In fact, this mindset allows her to remain true to who she is when releasing new Rhode products.

"I don't think you'll ever see me making very serious makeup palettes, artistry pens or anything like that because it just doesn't feel right for me," she explained. "I'm always going to create products that I feel are genuinely authentic to my life, my lifestyle and what I really enjoy."

The model isn't the only star to candidly share her beauty journey. Keep reading to see all of the celebrities that have embraced their acne, mature skin and more.คำพูดจาก Nhà Cái Casino Online

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